Graphics Design is a crucial element of communication as it is a great piece of communication that you provide to a person instead of using verbal communication. The key role of designers is to turn their messages into appealing and meaningful graphics. However, there are some common myths about the graphics design industry that will surely surprise you.

Graphics Design Is Too Much Simple

It is a very common myth as many people think that the graphics designing totally relies on Adobe Photoshop. They think that using Photoshop is just about the putting of some images to get your design done. However, in reality, graphics design needs a lot of effort, skillset, dedication, and visualization.

Graphics Design Solely Depends On Software

It is an invalid misconception as designers also use sketchbooks to gather all their ideas in single place. In addition, they also scribble and draw things on board, paper, and other non-digital platforms. However, a design is not just about the finished product, but the process that does not often involve the use of digital platforms.

There Is No Need of Formal Education

Some people believe that if they can draw, they surely become a graphics designer without any formal education. A professional diploma or degree provides great insights about key principles of design theory. The understanding or knowledge of web, typography, color, and printing are just some design elements that you require to understand.

Designers Are Inherently Creative

The statement is not purely true as you can boost your creative side by certain activities such as reading books or by improving your drawing skills. Usually, people who seem creative have the credentials of skillful thinking and constant learning. They love their work process and it takes a lot of sweat and tears to be the best designer in the industry.